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Why SurfBigData?

  • Over 15 years, through technology iteration, experience accumulation, and technology innovation, we have provided nearly half of the largest healthcare management enterprises with the market’s only integrated and modular data management product.
  • Our subject matter experts and advisory board members are former Fortune 100 executives providing best in class strategy and planning.  
  • Since 2011, we have developed an automated engine, powered by machine learning and high-performance computing. As a result, the largest health management organization improved their billing computing timeline from 35 days to 15 minutes, achieving more than 95% accuracy.
  • Through continuous learning, human-centered solutions bring the ultimate value for our partners.

Data Points

Patients Served
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Groundbreaking Health Billing Engine Speed
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Our Vision

The best product should be simple, intuitive, and customer interest driven. 

Our Mission

Referencing Our Vision, we stay focused on perfecting every step.

Exceptional Customer Outcomes

Medicare Advantage System

Medicare Part D System & Billing Engine


Medicare Part B & D System

Public Health Informatics

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