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We offer a wide range of Data Solutions

We provide a diverse array of Data Solutions. Our offerings empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data.

Data Governance

We help organizations establish and maintain effective data governance strategies and solutions ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance.

Big Data Platform

Empowering Insights at Scale. Our platform unlocks the potential of vast data resources, enabling actionable intelligence for your business.

Data Analytics

Uncovering Insights, Driving Decisions. Our analytics expertise transforms data into actionable intelligence, empowering informed choices for your business.

AI / Machine Learning

Our solutions leverage advanced algorithms to automate processes, optimize operations, and unlock new opportunities.

Master Data Management

Centralizing & Harmonizing Data for Enhanced Decision-Making. We help organizations manage and optimize their critical data assets.

Business Intelligence

Illuminating Your Path to Success. We provide the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions and achieve your business objectives.

IoT Architecture

We design and implement robust IoT architectures to enable seamless communication and data exchange in your IoT ecosystem.

Data Visualization

Our visualizations bring data to life, making it easier to understand, explore, and extract valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Our Workflow

How it works

We plan to develop a robust AI powered healthcare billing product. Ideal customers are hospitals and clinics, large healthcare revenue cycle management consulting companies, healthcare billing companies.  Pharmacies at Walmart, Publix, and other large shopping giants can be our customers.

Our workflow in the past 8 years for large healthcare organizations:

Expertise-Driven Logic

Thoroughly understand and document business logic through working closely with subject matter experts.

Step 1

Testing Architectural Concepts

Draw the architecture concept on board. Then we start to test and approve our thoughts.

Step 2

Data Ecosystem Elements

Data lake, data architecture, data governance, data modeling, computing engine, testing.

Step 3
Accountant calculate the cash bill.

CPT Code

How to load the value to each CPT code in medical billing:

[(RVUw x GPCIw) + (RVUpe x GPCIpe) + (RVUmp x GPCImp)] x CF = Medicare Allowable Fee


Current Procedural Terminology


Relative Value Unit
(w: physician work
pe: practice expense
mp: malpractice expense)


Geographic Practice Cost Index (current pain point: there is no objective index to reflect the true weight assigned to each RVU in the formular.)


conversion factor

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